Clever Way to Recycle 3D Glasses

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YOUNGSTERS from a school in Oxford have concocted a new range of tasty treats for visitors to Odeon cinemas to nibble on while watching the big screen.

More than 100 Oxford Spires Academy children were involved in the innovation workshop, which saw them design glow in the dark popcorn, healthy snack boxes and edible 3D glasses.

The workshop was run by Kickstart Creative’s Ross Kemp, 28, and Simon Lyons, 26, who said the children came up with some “genius” ideas.

Mr Kemp, from Nottingham, said: “We gave the the children the task of pricing and marketing every one of their products, so they had to work out how much it might cost to produce, think of packaging ideas, and decide on a price it would sell for at the cinema. They came up with the craziest of ideas and we ultimately decided the best prototype was the edible 3D glasses, which was by 14-year-old Jordon Flett.

“Another favourite was a snack box design, which was a bit like a graze box with healthy food in it, which encouraged cinema-goers to be a bit healthier.

“We hope it really gave the kids a good idea of how businesses work and hopefully got their creative juices flowing.”

Deputy manager of the Odeon in George Street, Ryan Boucher, 23, said the best ideas would be put forward for consideration by senior management.

He said: “Their ideas were certainly something a bit different and I was impressed by how engaged every single one of them was – they asked lots of questions and really got involved.

“I went in on my day off and it was totally worth it because the kids really enjoyed it.

“We always have an ideas box here at the Odeon and we’ll certainly be looking at the ideas they came up with and seeing if we can progress them any further and maybe use them.”

Aimee Jones, 14, was part of a team with Helen Woods, 14, Ishmail Hussain, 15 and Thomas Jones, 14, and they won the best pitch for their healthy box idea, which they called ‘Tri Fill’.